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TOP Pills has been a premier provider of on-line name brand and generic medication since 2002. They represent major pharmaceutical suppliers and the name brand products they sell are made by the original manufacturers. offers a range of quality generic and brand-name prescription drugs at affordable prices. The brand medications are the made by the original manufacturer of the medication. The generic products are equivalent to their respective brand-name medications, but are considerably less expensive.

The generic brands sold by are equal to their brand name counter part in chemical make up and medical effect, but at about half the cost, or less. Their website is easily navigated to locate any pharmaceutical need, from Amoxil to Zoloft. offers clients the option of placing orders on the web, access to toll free numbers as well as on-line live support (in English), all offering free shipping. Another important feature worthy of mention is the policies lists. Each policy indicates their concern for customer privacy and complete satisfaction.

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HOME |  NEWS |  | PHARMACY AFFILIATE PROGRAM | ADVERTISE WITH US - Here we list the online pharmacies (OP) where you can confidently order Viagra itself or generic Viagra sold under the name Sildenafil. The risk of fakes when you buy on the internet is quite high. We have investigated and monitor the OPs that we recommend. We rate them as the most reliable pharmacies on the web. If you want to know more about the listed OPs, click on the link 'about this pharmacy'. When you buy Viagra online, there is no fear or embarrassment in collecting ED medication from your neighbourhood pharmacy. Buying online is buying in privacy. Choose the OP that matches your needs and order Viagra online.

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