Generic Viagra Online

generic viagraViagra has been in pharmacies for many years. However, many people in need of Viagra mediation are still not able to find the right information about the drug at one place. This leaves many patients exposed to various unfavorable incidences when using Viagra because they cannot identify the correct brands, use right dosage or observe the required precautions to achieve the best results. This article explorers the Viagra medication to provide the most important information anyone needs to know about the drug before they can use it.

What is Viagra Medication?

Viagra is a medication used to treat Erectile Dysfunctions in men. However, due to curious constant research on the power of the drug, a generic form of Viagra was discovered for women sexual problems in recent years. Problems with sexuality are common in men of the ages above 50 years. The brand Viagra was discovered and manufactured by Pfizer a company in the British Pharmaceutical industry in 1989 as a solution to the imminent problem in the world. It is today one of the most common medication for male sexual problems with a dozen generic formulations. Viagra is synonymous to the treatment of impotence and erectile problems such as the inability to erect or sustain an erection for a long time. Its active ingredient is sildenafil, a chemical compounds responsible for the excitation of blood vessels in selected areas to facilitate an increase in blood floor.

While there exist a number of generic brands of Viagra with almost similar effect to the brand medication, Viagra exists as Viagra or Revatio. Brand Viagra forms the best choice for erectile dysfunctions especially because other brands may still be on the test, not approved or have adverse reactions if not taken without a prescription.

How Viagra Works

Viagra happens to be the best medication for erectile problems. Men who have been struggling with their sex life due to inability to “rise during the occasion,” or maintain an erection for a long time to satisfy their loved ones have been turning on to Viagra. This is because the drug has the ability to manipulate blood flows in the body and direct it towards the genital area due to sexual excitation.

Taking Viagra exposes the patient to the active sildenafil ingredient in the drug. The substance works by altering the central nervous system to cause the relaxation of the mussels present in the walls of the blood vessels found in the area around the penis. This facilitates more blood to flow into the penile tissues for an erection. Viagra has the ability to maintain an erection for a long time and in multiple times during the day. It should be noted that Viagra alone does not cause an erection. An ED patient needs to find a sexually stimulating circumstance to achieve the erection.

The effect of Viagra medication starts about 30 minutes after consumption and stay active for several hours depending on the amount consumed and the health condition of the user.

Availability of Viagra

Viagra medication is available in multiple forms. It is mostly available as a diamond-shaped tablet form that is blue in color in the weights of 25 mg, 50 mg or as 100mg. Make sure to consult your pharmacist if you find Viagra in a dose other than the common ones.

Where to Buy Viagra

Viagra is readily available in the many drugstores located in the various corners of our localities. Patients can buy Viagra over the counter with or without prescription. In recent time, however, Viagra is available online in many pharmacies. Patients and other dealers in the drug market can inquire and purchase Viagra over the internet at the comfort of their living rooms. Online buying is not only convenient but also cheaper as online pharmacies are subject to less taxation compared to the brick and mortar stores. In addition, Viagra bought from the online drugstores can be delivered on the buyer’s doorsteps within a few hours to a few days after purchases depending on their location in the world.

Viagra Price from Online Pharmacy

Buying Viagra online is, however, challenged by so many fraudsters who may steal credit information of the buyers to con them. Make sure to verify the credibility of the online pharmacy before committing to make payments.

How to Take Viagra

Take Viagra pills orally with or without food, normally 30 minutes to 1 hour before a sexual encounter. Taking Viagra 4 hours before the sexual activity may render less desired effects. You may take the drug with a glass of water. Fatty foods, however, are linked to slow down the reaction of the pill in the body.

The recommended dose is a maximum of 100mg of the drug in 24 hours. Make sure to get the correct weight of the Viagra pill from the doctors after assessing your health condition to avoid an over-or-underdose. You may adjust the Viagra dose depending age, side effects or desired reactions with the help of your doctor.

Precautions before taking Viagra

The use of Viagra may be dictated by a few factors. These include other medical conditions the user is suffering from, other medicine the user is using, alcoholics and the age of the user.

Viagra is primary for men above 18 years. Women and children are not recommended to use the drug. Patients should let their doctors know if they are suffering heart problems, problems with their blood circulatory systems, kidney or liver disorders. You may talk to your doctor if you are allergic to sildenafil substances to avoid severe side effects.

Additionally, Viagra medication may not react well to a larger number of medications. Medication such as alpha-blockers and riociguat drugs can cause fatal effects to the user and must be avoided or taken with Viagra under the supervision of a doctor. Other drugs such as azole antifungals, macrolide antibiotics, HIV medication and protease inhibitors for hepatitis C virus may remove the sildenafil from the body. Do not use any other ED treating drugs alongside the Viagra medication.

Do not share Viagra with friends or follow their prescriptions as every individual has unique health problems with unique approach to the solution.

Side Effects

Some of the commonly experienced side effects include allergic reactions that include sore lips, throat, tongue or mouth, rashes on the face or hives. Other common side effects include a headache, dizziness, stomach upset and flushing. Some rare problems that Viagra users may experience include painful bladders, bloody urine, tingling sensation, chest pains and increased urination.

In some cases, Viagra may induce severe side effects such as blurred vision, fainting, nausea, severe sweating, elongated erection time to more than 4 hours, migraine headache, convulsion, confusion and nightmares among other experiences. Call the doctor as soon as any of the side effects is experienced to receive assistance.

Brand Viagra is by far the best medication for sexual problems in men. It is important to know that the use of Viagra may cause serious harm if not used with caution or when instructions are not followed correctly. Patients should befriend their doctors at every step in the use of Viagra to experience the best results. Keep Viagra in cool and dry places and away from children.